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EffectiveSoft is one of the leading providers of custom software development and technology consulting services. For the time of our activity in the international IT market we have participated in a large number of diverse custom projects.

We have contributed to a variety of startups. Our specialists bring clients’ software ideas into practicable product requirements, consummate the ideas, and release high-performance, top-quality software products. EffectiveSoft took part in the customization, maintenance, and support of software systems. Many of them developed into complex, large-scale projects involving continuous evolution of applications.

We have accumulated a solid portfolio:

  • representing our comprehensive, profound expertise in custom software development and support of IT projects across a number of domains,
  • covering a complete set of technologies, which our certified and experienced developers and analysts specialize in,
  • including a variety of industries, in which the informational systems are put into practice and which specific tasks they solve,
  • showing our skill in applying and combining of common and know-how methodologies.

View our portfolio or contact us for more information.

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