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Professional consulting services

EffectiveSoft dedicated consulting group offers integrated IT consulting services. We focus on the engineering and IT support outsourcing services and help companies leverage information technology in the optimum way.

Our IT Consulting services include

  • Engineering consulting services
    EffectiveSoft consultants carry out customer project planning and design along with cost estimation. Special attention is paid to the analysis and development of complex IT systems and long-term projects. This involves pre-project analysis and non-stop post-launch development activities for further software evolution.
  • IT management consulting
    Producing outsourcing software for many years, we apply our best and proven techniques and practices to help clients organize and manage information technology facilities at their companies, allocate, control and administer the associated resources and operations.
  • IT performance improvement
    Our consulting team conducts analysis of the clients’ infrastructure (and/or software projects individually) and renders all-round tech assistance allowing to increase their technical productivity and make the technological process more effective.
  • Information technology security consulting
    EffectiveSoft provides competent advisory on how to project and implement system and data security for custom software products and IT infrastructure.

Having released a number of custom IT projects, our specialists are experienced in offshore development outsourcing, especially in the consulting related to Business Intelligence, e-commerce and enterprise portals.

Benefits for customers of our IT consulting and software outsourcing services are:

  • Reliable IT outsourcing
    Our experts work quickly and skillfully, offering high-quality engineering consulting services and outsourcing software development.
  • Precise analysis and forecast
    EffectiveSoft consulting team conducts thorough research and analysis and provides for technology evolution to advance the effectiveness of the clients’ business-processes and maintainability of software systems.
  • Quality and efficiency
    Our software outsourcing company provides excellent IT consulting for versatile projects. Our priorities are adherence to the highest quality standards and top security. We set up a base to increase a competitive ability and comprehensive growth of our clients’ business projects. As a result, the enhanced productivity of custom software systems, and the improvement of IT structures, services and facilities are provided.

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