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Custom Desktop Software

EffectiveSoft leverages latest development technologies to create standalone custom desktop applications. We also develop software utilities for various industries across such platforms as Windows, Mac OS and Linux. EffectiveSoft has broad experience in developing user-friendly desktop software solutions and client-server applications tailored to specific business needs.


Desktop Software Development Services

We build robust cross-platform desktop applications:

  • Standalone business software
  • Software utilities and plugins development
  • Client-server application development
  • Desktop applications for such platforms as Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac OS, Android
  • Graphic processing applications
  • Browsers and collaborative applications
  • Desktop games development


Additional services we offer:

  • Desktop to web applications reingeneering and migration
  • Desktop applications redesign
  • Desktop software testing
  • Maintenance and support services


The following platforms are used by EffectiveSoft for desktop application development:

  • Java development platform
  • C++ (WinAPI, MFC, WTL)
  • .NET Framework (WinForms, WPF)

Software Development Approach

EffectiveSoft is indented to provide leading-edge desktop software development services and applies different software development methodologies to build top-notch desktop solutions for customers.

Read more about our software development technologies.

EffectiveSoft offers major advantages to customers:

  • Secure desktop software applications development
  • User-friendly interface and rich functionality of created solutions
  • Latest development technologies and tools
  • Long-term support and new versions release
  • Production documentation and specification development – istallation and user manuals, help guides
  • Affordable costs and in-time delivery of desktop software applications

Let’s discuss your challenge and develop a perfect desktop application!

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Portfolio Projects

This is a proprietary desktop software designed for electronic documents and web pages summarization.

Intellexer categorizer is a proprietary desktop software designed for document categorization and data management.

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