Cookies in detail

Cookies are a kind of small textual data files that are stored on various user’s devices including laptops, smartphones, tablets. Such files identify the browser or devices and serve for delivering, securing and understanding services, products, ads.

What does your device use cookies for?

As other storing technologies, cookies provide the website or service with the information about whether the device has visited the particular address before. Cookie data can also be utilized to deliver services, products and ads, allow us to get insight into user’s behavior, help the users effectively navigate within the service, remember their preferences and ensure better experience in using the service.

Why does our website use cookies?

Cookie files, local storage or other similar mechanisms aid in presenting relevant content, provide faster response and help to protect our website and the users. Such technologies collect information about the user (name, language, region, etc.), how the service is used, and remember all the changes that users make. These data allow us to provide high-quality service with enhanced features and relevant content.

How long will your device store cookies?

Session and persistent cookies determine the exact time they stay on the device. The device store session cookies only when the user is browsing. Persistent cookies remain on the device until being deleted or simply expire.

What are first-party and third-party types of cookies?

First-party cookies belong to our website while third-party ones are placed on the device through our service by another party.

How to control cookies or similar mechanisms?

Your browsers provide instructions that allow modifying the cookie settings. The instructions are usually placed into the "Help", "Edit" or "Tools" facilities. We would like to note that if the browser is set to disable cookies, certain parts of our website services are unable to work as intended.

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